Since I've been thinking about how to decorate the baby's room, I know to save money and for a personal touch, I want to make some things. This is just one of the things I'm making to hold cloth diapers, socks, bows, etc. I've seen this done before but not for a baby's room. I was a the thrift store yesterday, saw some old T-shirts for 25 cents each & thought it would be really cute (and cheap) to use.

This would also be really fun to make with your kids out of their old t-shirts that have stains or holes in them. Use them as a candy dish, Father's Day gift, jewelry or bow holder, car keys dish, crayon holder, toilet paper holder, wash rag basket, use as an alternative to a gift bag, etc.

You'll need:
wax paper
ceramic or glass bowl(s)
(You can use plastic bowls like I did, but a warning that the plastic wrap doesn't stick so it's a lot more difficult to use.)
plastic wrap
foam brush
Mod Podge
old t-shirts, fabric or vintage lace

How to make them:
Cover flat surface such as a countertop with wax paper.
Turn your bowl upside down.
Cover the outside of your bowl in plastic wrap making sure all air bubbles are out.

Drape t-shirt or other fabric over bowl.
Decide now if you want the pattern (if any) on the inside or outside of bowl.
 Cut close to where bowl meets work surface. It does not have to be perfect.
Coat bowl with Mod Podge using foam brush.

Lay t-shirt over bowl.

Using foam brush, coat t-shirt or fabric with Mod Podge.
Be sure to get inside the creases.

You can do several at a time to make it faster with different sizes of bowls.

Let dry overnight or until stiff.
If necessary, cut off extra glue.
You can even cut off the "lip" of the bowl, if that's what you prefer.

Bowl made out of vintage lace


Maria said...

Love this! Going to make one tonight.

Anonymous said...

I found the bowl to be flimsy - did you?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found the bowl to be flimsy as well. Any suggestions?

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