Using a melon baller, make balls out of apples. Melt Kraft caramels with 2 T water according to package directions. Put sticks in round part of apple balls, skin side down. Dip in caramel, covering completely. Place on waxed paper.

WHAT WE'RE MAKING? FREE Table Decorations for holidays, birthdays and other parties using paint chips

I'm having Thanksgiving at my house for the first time in my life. Although I'm excited about it, I can't stop thinking about what to use as a centerpiece. While in Walmart, I had the perfect, FREE idea.

Now this type of thing doesn't just have to be for just Thanksgiving, you could use any colors for other events: Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays, Easter, 4th of July, weddings, etc.

Now I know that confetti is not a new idea. Make your own large confetti using FREE paint chips from Walmart, Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. and a shaped punch tool from Stampin' Up or Hobby Lobby; the possibilities are endless.

While at Walmart, the kids & I picked around 10 different but matching colors. I took as many as I wanted, ok maybe left a couple of each color but they didn't seem to care. I even asked two different employees, one that laughed at me. When we got home, we had a "punch" party on the floor with the kids. Now throw (or place) them on your table.