This is the first thing I've made for the new baby.

 This is not the place where I'll be hanging it but just wanted to show you what it looks like hanging.

Make FABRIC BOWLS  in varying different sizes.

When completely dry, punch holes into 3 sides measuring equally between each hole.

Measure your length of chain to about 12". Take pliers and open one side of the link.

Close the link with pliers. Take a flower pot "S" hook and loop it through the same link. Close the "S" hook with the pliers. Make three of these for each basket.

Now to attach them altogether, starting with the largest bowl at the bottom, take one of the chains and put the  bottom part of the "S" hook through one of the holes in the basket. Continue doing this for all three of the holes in every basket. Find the next size of bowl up. Locate the holes with it's own "S" hook. Choose one hole. Loop the last link of the chain through the "S" hook of that hole. Continue doing this for all the bowls. 

When you get to the top of the smallest bowl, take those three chains and open up the last link on all three chains. Loop one metal ring like a 1" split ring onto each link. Close all three small metal rings shut with pliers. 

All you have to do now is hang a swag hook in the ceiling. 
Hang the hanging baskets with the large metal ring at the top.

Fill the baskets.

What you need:

hole puncher
measuring tape
3 flower pot hooks for each basket
3 pieces of 12" small link chain for each bowl
(like flower pot chain)
1 larger metal ring
(like a 1" split ring)
ceiling/swag hook


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