As parents, we constantly have to deal with gross things with our kids as well as problem solving.

Canaan woke up about 5:45am this morning and because of a nose bleed, him wiping this nose, tossing & turning, he and his bed looked like a war zone.

I knew that peroxide will usually lift stains out of fabric but since it was mainly on the beautiful handmade quilt my mother had made Canaan after he was born, I didn't want to take a chance and ruin it especially since hydrogen peroxide can bleach fabric.

I thought about all the different things that get out different stains. I knew that Dawn dish soap gets out oil, grease, peanut butter, gum, among other things, so maybe it would get out blood too?!

I rubbed Dawn dish soap liberally on all the blood stains. Then I did a light prewash without soap. When it was done I checked to make sure the stains were out. To my surprise, Dawn really does get out the stains from clothes, sheets & blankets even when soaked in. Then I washed it on a normal cycle with laundry detergent.

NOSE BLEED TIP: Vaseline can stop a nosebleed and help prevent them too.


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