TIP #49: Get that gunk off the bottom of your pans

Ever had problems getting all that gunk off the bottom of your pans? 

Every time I cook scrambled eggs, I can't get all the residue off. It's disgusting! 
Today I was soaking, scrubbing with a brush, then a rag. I thought about those steel mesh scrubbers but didn't have one. What to do? As I was thinking about what I could use, while staring at all the shelves in the pantry, I spotted foil. Why not? 

I wadded up a large piece of foil and went to town scrubbing with a little hot water. It came right off!! 

Although I'd totally recommend this for your stainless steel or copper pans, I absolutely would not use this on your non stick pans. I bet it would scratch it good. 


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