What I made for Canaan's 2nd Birthday Party - Circus theme

I asked Canaan what he wanted the theme of his birthday party to be. He not being 2 yet, stared at me. I then gave him options: cowboys & Indians, Elmo, Sesame Street, trucks & cars, etc. He said, "NO!" to every one of them. So I asked what he did want and Canaan announces, "El Feets!" which is how he says "elephants." What? How am I going to do an elephant party? It was either a zoo or circus theme and I chose circus because it seems to be easier for me to decorate.

Invitations: Made, cut out and sent the number of tickets per family members

Made, cut out and hand sewn the applique on his onesie:


Bought cantaloupe & watermelon aqua frescas from Pro Ranch Market in Albuquerque and put them in containers for easy dispense.

Filled different jars with different types of candy.

Filled different jars with different types of candy

Also made chalk labels.

"Popcorn" cupcakes

And that ridiculous pinata! (I didn't make it, fyi.) Canaan was very concerned about Elmo after his legs came off. When Elmo fell he said, "Oh no, Elmo!"

It was fun but can't believe he's already 2 years old!


Anonymous said...

love, Sarah Hankins

Anonymous said...

This looked so great and makes me even more sad that we couldn't be there. You did an awesome job with the onesie, the food/candy, the decorations and everything!!! SO CUTE!!!

Brooke Braunstein said...

Wow! What an awesome party! You crafty mama you. Kisses!

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