I wish we could have gotten a gas stove top and oven but it was going to be too expensive to pipe in the gas so the glass top works just fine. Those of you that have one, don't you just hate that cooked and caked on mess it leaves? Cleaners just don't seem to cut it. My mother showed me this trick and I'm sold!

Clean it the best you can with whatever cleaner you usually use.

Sprinkle baking soda all over.

Soak a clean cotton rag with hot water and rub in circles and back & forth to remove those cooked on stains.

Wash out the rag and ring dry. Wipe the stove top clean. You may have to do this a few times.
Now clean with your normal cleaner again to shine. 

Yes, I know I need to do it again and rub more in those areas :) but it's better than what it was.


Stephanie Pafford said...

I have to say that Bon Ami with a sponge made for cleaning glass top stoves works wonders. You can use the scratchy side of these sponges because they are safe. After getting all the gunk off, rinse sponge well and wipe to rinse, then use a clean towel to wipe off. It will shine nicely. Bar Keeper's friend also works if you can't find Bon Ami

Kathryn Bircher said...

This is totally what I do!!

Nohemi Tutterrow said...

Hi! I use the same materials only with a different method. First, I soak the towel (big enough to cover the glass top) with hot water and dish washing soap then wring it out. Then, put some baking soda on top of the glass stove top then set the timer for 15 minutes and wait. When the timer goes off, use the towel to do a minor scrubbing. Just use Q-tips for the corners that have baking soda. There you go! I think you'll have less scrubbing with my method. I hope it works! :)

Doug Allan said...

Glass and reflective surfaces need to be clean regularly to maintain their brightness and cleanliness. Most commercial cleaners available are chemical based.Thank you for sharing....

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