COOKIN' ON YOUR VEHICLE ENGINE - I tried baked potatoes.

Nothing is worse on a car trip than having to stop the car and pop the hood...unless you're checking on your meal.

I had so much fun cooking in my car windshield that I decided to cook on my engine while I was going up to the cabin this past Monday. I first saw this idea on Bizarre Foods when they cooked their meal on their snow mobiles somewhere up North...Minnesota, maybe? I knew I could do it too. 

Prepare your meal as you would to cook in the oven. Make sure there's not too much liquid because you don't want a mess under your hood. 

Place 3 sheets of foil on top of each other. Spray the inside with non stick spray so your food won't stick. Put your food in the middle of the foil and wrap it up tight.

Now don't just drop your food anywhere under the hood. You need to find a good, hot spot for it to cook. To do that, Drive for a few minutes to warm up your engine and then turn off your car and open up the hood. Find your engine's hot spots by very quickly and lightly touching a finger to metal parts on your engine. Yes, this could be a recipe for burning your finger so do it quickly and lightly. If you can hold your finger in a spot for more than a quick & light second, that spot is no good to cook your meal on. The best place is usually near the exhaust manifold, if it's accessible.

Put your food there and drive until your food is done. 
It might help to plan out your meal to see how long it will take. 
I didn't do that so I had to stick my potatoes in the oven for 10 minutes after a 2 hour trip. 

For every 15 to 20 minutes the meal would take in a conventional oven will take an hour on your car engine.


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