TIP #30: Prevent that harsh weather dry skin

I've never experienced dry skin until I moved to NM. Of course it's the driest climate I've ever lived in but the harsh winters are even worse.
My dear MIL told me right after I moved here to put on baby oil after a shower but as it is so messy, I didn't like it.

A few years ago, I found Johnson's baby oil GEL. So of course I use it because I can control it and it stays on better.
It comes in several "flavors" such as cocoa butter, aloe vera & vit E, chamomile, lavender, and original scent.
I use the lavender because I like the scent of it the best - it's the purple one.
After you bathe & before you dry off, rub the baby oil gel all over. Now either drip dry
or pat dry. If it's sticky or extra is still on, just rub it in more.
You'll feel so soft all day long! Do it every day and your skin will be supple and moist.


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