TIP #27: Hard water ring in my toilet...GROSS!

Living out in the East Mountains near Albuquerque, we have extremely hard water. Unfortunately for us, even with a water softener, it's still really bad.

We don't use our guest bathroom regularly so a hard water stain has developed and made rings. GROSS! You'd think I didn't clean. It's embarrassing.

After cleaning and scrubbing for months, I've gone on a war path to make it better. I've asked friends, even strangers in the grocery store, gone to the local hardware store to ask what they recommend, scoured the internet and cleaning books, etc. Of course I've tried all the normal toilet bowl cleaning agents with bleach, then The Works, and when I got desperate scrubbed my arm off with a pumice, Magic Eraser, wet/dry sandpaper, a special toilet brush and on and on. I even went as far to do the volcano experiment with baking soda and vinegar then for an extra kick I sprayed lemon juice on it. Although I'd like to say it's been fun and the rings are gone. Nothing's worked.

Last night, I was searching Google for anything that would help me. Oh the things you'll find! I did find something that I thought I'd try. I went to the grocery store to get it came back and tried it as I photo logged it all for you. This is gross and I'm sorry.

Plug the drain hole with a plunger. I had to rig it.

Now fill it with hot water...just before boiling.

Now add 4-8 denture tablets...the ones that whiten.

If you start to lose water, add weight like a brick or in my case a Ziploc full of rocks.

Now let it sit overnight and in the morning remove everything. Scrub then flush. It might not be gone but it should be a lot better.

This trick has worked the best of everything I've tried.

Do you have something else that works? Let me hear it. I'm willing to try just about anything for a clean looking toilet.


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