Question #2: I have all these pumpkins. How do I bake them for my recipes like pumpkin pie and bread?

This question comes from Stephanie P. in New Mexico.


This really is so easy and oh so good that once you use a real pumpkin, you'll never use a can again!

1. Choose a "Pie" pumpkin. They're smaller and sweeter. You can use the jack-O-lantern pumpkins but it won't be as good.
2. Wrap a cookie sheet with foil.
3. Break off the stem.
4. Cut the pumpkin in half.
5. Scoop out seeds & strings. TIP: Use a grapefruit spoon.
Be sure to save the seeds to make roasted pumpkin seeds. Here's 3 recipes:
6. Place cut side down on your foil lined cookie sheet.
7. Cover and wrap with foil.
8. Bake 350 degrees for 45 to 80 min.
9. Let cool. Then scoop out flesh & place in blender. Add approx 3 T water per half. Blend until silky smooth; you'll have to stir and blend, stir and blend. At this point you can keep it in the refrigerator for up to 3 days or freeze immediately to use for later.

I'll be making a pumpkin pie with real pumpkin soon. So be on the look out for it.


Jennifer said...

Woohoo! You know I love all things pumpkin.

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