Activity for the kids so you can get stuff done #1: Lint Dough

Laundry day? It can be hard doing all your laundry especially if you have a big family or you have a husband that never wears anything twice without it being washed every time and changes clothes 2 or 3 times a day. Plus add laundrying your kid's cloth takes all day! It can be challenging washing, drying/hanging, folding/hanging, putting away all those loads before you hubby comes home from work when you have kids to take care of. So give them activities to do. Here's one of them that might save you for a few minutes or possibly longer if you're lucky.

Start saving your dryer lint for this. Make Lint Dough that they can sculpt into blocks, animals or anything else their heart contents. Canaan squashes his to make a "ball" and throws it at Cosmo...chasing him all over the house. Poor Cosmo!

Lint dough
Combine 3 cups dryer lint (pulled apart), 2 cups water, 1 cup flour and 1/2 t vege oil in a pot. Stir continuously over low heat until mixture is smooth and binds together. Pour onto wax paper to cool.

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