I have never minded traveling on planes with my kids and that's a great thing since we travel often to see my family. I'm VERY thankful for airplanes since it's a 14 hour car ride.

We're going to Hawaii on our big family vacation. Traveling on 2 separate airplanes (meeting up with our family at LAX). It's going to be 7 1/2 hour total plane ride with a 4 hour layover. ALL day with a 3 year old to entertain. He's good with what I usually bring for him but I wanted to make this trip extra special and make sure he had plenty to do. 

  • Pack activities that you think your child will love and want to share with a family member or someone close to them. 
  • Make sure it can all fit into one gallon size bag so that it can easily fit into their backpack or other bag so that they can carry it through the airport themselves. 

  • Make sure it all is acceptable through TSA guidelines to be able to carry it on the airplane. Children's scissors shorter than 4" are allowed.

Pipe cleaners & pony beads in a Ziploc bag

Children's scissors, glue stick, crayons & magazine (we use the airline magazine in the seat pocket.)

Small flashlight (I put in a key chain flashlight.)

Writing tablet with Q-tip Put gel in a bottle that's 3.4 oz or smaller and bring a ziploc bag to squirt it in once through security.

Toy cars, action figures, etc.

An activity book

Drawing paper


Playing cards

Easter egg with a small piece of candy or small prize inside

Magnify glass

Ipod or Kindle filled with kid's music and movies


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