Last Christmas, my best friend Leslie B. made my son an I Spy bottle with multi colored rice while we were traveling. Great idea! I've seen ideas all over Pinterest with bottles and such but never in a ziploc bag. I find this idea better when you're traveling on an airplane.

1. Don't buy anything.
2. Find small objects all over your house.
3. Lay those objects on a white piece of paper and take a picture of it.
4. Print that photo out on cardstock or photo paper.

5. Put objects in a clear ziploc bag.
6. Put 1/2 C or more white rice into a pint size ziploc bag. Repeat with as many colors as you want to make.
7. Put 4 drops or more of food coloring into the bag.
8. 3-4 squirts antibacterial gel into the bag.
9. Shake well.
10. Repeat with other bags and other colors of food coloring.
11. Put wax paper or foil out on your counter top.
12. Pour out colored rice onto wax paper and pat to flatten. 

13. Allow to dry for 10 minutes or so.
14. Pour into bag of small objects, seal bag and mix well.
15. Using clear packing tape, tape top of ziploc bag.
16. Have them use the picture you printed out to find the objects in the bag.


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