I seriously hate Pinterest, because I love it way too much and spend more time looking and creating than I should. I'm having to have tons of self control. But one of the things I couldn't pass up was a tulle wreath. So simple and in my eyes, so fun. 

This was the photo I saw on Pinterest that got me motivated to make one for my own front door this fall.

Now you could make one for any occasion: Valentines, Christmas, Halloween, Spring, Summer, 4th of July, etc. or in any colors. I chose to do one for fall since it's Labor Day weekend and right around the corner. 

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and bought a 14" styrofoam ring and 7.5 yards (if single tied) OR 15 yards (if double tied & thick - This is what I did.) of tulle in the colors I wanted as well as one spool of bronze colored ribbon. 

Cut the tulle (does NOT have to be completely even and perfect) into approx 6" wide x 15" long pieces. Put the ring between your legs to keep it steady and tie (however desired) each piece to the ring. Move the ring when needed and slide the tied pieces tightly together. You can always go back and add more pieces to fill in. When filled, tie, glue or pin whatever decoration you desire in the place you desire. I chose some extra tulle. Inspect the ring, you may need to trim a few pieces. Fluff the ends and Voila!


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