For years people have asked me why I started this blog. I've been reluctant to say the real reason why in normal conversation until last year when one of Ryan's food critic friends Gil asked why Ryan hadn't had me on his radio show yet. Recently, Gil and his precious wife asked me again. I think it's time to come clean.

Several years ago, I was shocked to find out that many 30 & 40-something year olds that are stay at home moms, don't clean, don't cook and some even had their kids in daycare/preschool full or most of the time. I've been told numerous times that they just don't like to cook and clean, they need a break from their kids, etc. "You're the mom! Be the best one you can be!" - is what I wanted to say. Of course this was at a time when Ryan & I pined for children and didn't have any yet. No, I didn't understand everything that a mother went through but I made a decision then that I was going to do my absolute best to be a mother and wife that my kids and husband would someday rise up and call me blessed. That I'll be the mother and wife that they're proud of. I realized that I actually wanted to become like my own mother. I "rose up" and called my mother blessed. How could I give her a better gift than by being the best mother & wife I can be by her example and love?

My mother is a fabulous cook, she owned her own catering business and had other food related jobs. She expected her kids to learn to cook & clean. Yard work and other household chores were also on the to-learn list. I learned how to make breads, biscuits, cakes, pies, and tons of other things all from scratch. I know how to make a bed really nicely and deep clean my kitchen and bathrooms to perfection. I was taught that clean floors were a must. Mom taught me how to wrap a present with a hand tied bow that looks like a professional did it. I was told that I could do anything if I put my mind to it and thus I can watch a You Tube video on anything once and do it (installing a garbage disposal, small electrical wiring, small plumbing jobs, tiling floors, knitting, etc.). Just because I've learned to do all kinds of things, doesn't mean I like doing much or any of them. But we all have to or should do things whether we like it or not.

I don't do everything now in a timely manner like I was taught though. After Canaan came, I realized my house will never be perfect again. In fact, sometimes it's down right messy because I've just gotten home from a vacation and I'm too tired or I've chosen to hang out and play with my kids all day. But there are things I will not budge on. 1. hygiene. 2. no matter the time or if I'm not feeling good, I still have to feed my family, even if it's whipping up a batch of pancakes or making sandwiches. 3. I give myself at least one night off a week from cooking. I call these nights "FEND FOR YOURSELF NIGHTS." Of course I still have to make sure that my people are fed but this is a cereal or leftover night. Ryan's a great cook and this is a night that he can cook if he so desires 4. Laundry is always being done. Especially since I use cloth diapers, clean laundry is a must.

Here's my confession: I HATE to cook and clean. Yep. Now why in the world, you say, do you have a blog on cooking and cleaning? That's a great question. The answer is simple. Even though I don't like most of it, that doesn't mean I can't do it. I refuse to give in to laziness. Blogging about it, helps motivate me.


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