TIP #26: How do I get this food coloring off my hands?

I'm didn't enjoy finding this tip for you (and now me). Maybe it will save your hands the next time you dye Easter eggs or almonds for Ladies Fingers cookies.

Red and Yellow food coloring:
I had made those Ladies Fingers cookies the other day. When dying the blanched almonds with red food dye, I got it all over my hands, even though I wore gloves. It was easy to get off. You know the old volcano science experiment with baking soda and vinegar? The same experiment lifts the dye off your hands immediately.

Green Blue and Black food coloring:
But when I dyed more almonds a dark green for the Monster Toes soft pretzels, that same experiment didn't work as well. It didn't take it all away. I went around the house trying different chemicals, washing my hands in between. (BTW, I don't recommend that. My dry and irritated hands = your hands saved the next time you dye something.) After trying dish soap, vinegar/baking soda, dishwash detergent, laundry detergent, nail polish remover; I finally got desperate and resorted to bleach - not good, I know - I went to the bathroom about to give maybe soak them in the tub? But I saw the toothpaste & tried it. It worked!


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