Tip #20: Want clear instead of red all over?

It's so hard to clean our glass doors because of Cosmo's slobber & grime along with Canaan's sticky handprints. I can't clean it all off with Windex & a paper towel. This made me think of my childhood. One of my chores was to clean the windows and I always wanted to use newspaper not because it's how my parents taught me to do it but because it worked!

Crumple a sheet of newspaper into a loose ball. With a clean spray bottle, spray on distilled water onto the window. In a circular motion, clean the glass. If it begins to pill, shred or tear, use a new sheet of newspaper. You can clean mirrors with this method as well.

Tip#20b: Wear rubber gloves as not to get the newsprint on your skin.

Tip#20c: If you don't receive a newspaper like us, you can pick up free newspapers at the entrances of grocery stores, coffee shops, airports, etc.


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