Question #1: How can I keep fresh produce longer?

Shonda Jackson October 18 at 4:04pm
Hey Mrs Domestic Diva, as a single person, how can I preserve my green vegetables longer than a couple of days? When I go to the grocery store or farmers market I have to by in the bundle so I lose vegs and money all at the same time. Any suggestions? Can I freeze fresh produce?
Well Miss Jackson, this may not be what you want to hear, but I think we should buy fresh produce every 3 or so days to keep everything fresh. If not, there's not a whole lot you can do. You can freeze corn even in the husks. For corn, I like to take off the husks, cut off the kernals and freeze them. That way I can cook it in anything I want like soups. For things like yellow squash, tomatoes, zuccini, onions, etc. Keeping them in the vege drawer in the fridge will keep them a few days longer. You can always cook and make something & freeze it. Italian & French foods like ratatouille or pasta sauce are great options. Hope that helps!

Shonda found this:

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