This will be perfect for your July 4th get together especially because it's super easy to prepare and oh so delicious! With a little help, your kids could make this for you.

Canaan & I couldn't stop eating the strawberries and blueberries, before they were even made into a dessert. Be sure to pick out some good, sweet fruit at your local grocer or farmer's market for this treasure. 

serves 4

6 freshly diced strawberries, washed & hauled
1 pkg cranberry or raspberry Jello
1 C or more homemade whipped cream 
(Just whip approx 1 C heavy whipping cream and 1/3 C sugar or sugar substitute until it forms soft to heavy peaks. You can even add a little vanilla or other flavoring, if desired.)
1 C fresh blueberries, washed and patted dry

Divide the strawberries among 4 serving glasses.

Prepare the Jello in a large measuring cup or bowl according to the package instructions. Pour over the strawberries just until it reaches the top of the strawberries. There will most likely be left over Jello.

Whip the cream. When the gelatin is set, place approx 1/4 C of whipped cream onto each layer of Jello/strawberry mixture.

Top with approx 1 T to 1/4 C fresh blueberries.

Serve immediately.

TIP 1: If it's for the 4th of July, think about adding one of those paper U.S. flags (the ones on a toothpick) to each of the glasses before serving.

TIP 2: Make the bottom layer in individual glasses and store covered in the fridge until the next day. Just top with whipped cream and blueberries before serving.


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