Journey continues from Bizarre Foods to One Plate at a Time

As you might know from some of my previous posts, I collect vintage cookbooks and search for recipes late at night to make. I want to know different techniques and master them over time as well as bring my family and myself a taste of the world; to expand our palates and appreciate the talents God has given every culture. People are fascinating to me and even more so, their food.

One of my favorite shows on TV is Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. He's a funny man who I've grown to admire because he not only is not afraid of other cultures but he appreciates them and what they have to offer especially through their food. Not everything is appetizing, of course, but he knows what it means to appreciate what other people like and love in their setting and everyday life.

Yesterday our preacher and his son stopped by to say hello. I was in the middle of making Puchero (see previous post). He said it smelled wonderful and I told him what it was then quickly explained my journey through cooking; how I wanted to bring culture through food into my home and share it with not only my family but with others. He told me about a show that used to be on PBS called One Plate at a Time. He was telling me how much I'd love that show.

I looked it up and it's host was Rick Bayless who Ryan & I love and admire. I've been watching episodes or parts of it on Youtube for a good chunk of this morning. Chef Bayless is so much like Chef Zimmern in a way; the delicate appreciation they have for other cultures, to me, it's truly admirable.

I look forward to using some of Chef Bayless's recipes and enjoying the Mexican cultural food in my home.

Come for dinner; we'd love to share it with you! (Try to give me a heads up so that I make enough.)


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