TIP #37: Ever get that sticky residue in your dryer?

I don't know about you but I always have tons of stuff to do and my house, my kid, my dog, my husband, and our stomachs never seem to get enough of me. When problems with the house comes up, it's left to me to fix it. So I don't have tons of extra time to spend scrubbing and getting frustrated trying to fix it when what I'm doing isn't fixing it at all...or much.

Do you ever get that sticky residue in your dryer? That stuff will not come up.

Tonight I tried an array of chemicals and elbow grease to try to get that awful stuff off my dryer but nothing seemed to work but one...

Young Living's Thieves oil household cleaner works with swipes instead of tons of pressure & time! Try it, it works!

This also works on that greasy, sticky oven hood too!

                                        Before                                                             After


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