QUESTION #4: How to season my Pampered Chef Pizza Stone & other stoneware

This question comes from Jennifer S. from Houston, TX: "How do you season (and keep seasoned) the pampered chef baking stones?"

I've never heard of actually seasoning Pampered Chef stoneware (until I looked it up tonight on their website). I know that the more you use it, the better it will be. It's the same concept with the Roshco or Romertopf clay bakers. Although with the first few uses, you'll have to use Pam or other nonstick spray. It will then start to brown and then discontinue using Pam. If anything sticks after that, use Pam a few more times.

My pizza stone is so black that I'll definitely cry for weeks if it breaks. It's "over-seasoned" and perfect in my opinion. 

NEVER use soap! It will actually seep into the stone/clay and it may come out in your food. Instead, to clean, use a Pampered Chef scraper or brush and hot water.

I always let it preheat in the oven then take it out and put whatever I'm using it for on it then bake it. I had a friend in Texas that broke hers this past year by putting something frozen on a cold pizza stone, then putting it a hot oven. I cried for her.

Look at the Pampered Chef website for other care instructions: 

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Yeah, the worst thing to do with a pizza stone is try to "clean" it. If something cooks on (like overflowing cheese), just gently scrape off with a metal spatula. Whatever is truly burnt into the stone will be taken care of the next time you put your oven on max to make a pizza.

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