RECIPE #54: Red Hot Salad (Jello) & tip on easy unmolding of jello too!

The only thing I ever remember one of my grandmothers ever making was Red Hot Salad. I loved it as a kid and still do. 

1 package red jello
OPTIONS: Lemon jello is my favorite but the color of the salad won't be as red. Cherry will make it the reddest.
1/2 C red hots
1 C boiling water
1 C cold water
1 C apple sauce

Stir red hots into boiling water until melted completely, about 5-10 minutes. Great thing for the kids to do!

Add jello & stir until dissolved. Add cold water and apple sauce.

 Chill until firm, about 3-4 hours.

My grandmother always put it into a glass dish to serve but I prefer to use a mold. Besides, how many opportunities do I get to use my vintage Tupperware mold?
Place it on a platter or plate OR put it in a bowl and sprinkle red hots on top of it.

TIP: If using a mold, you can spray Pam or other vegetable spray on the inside of the mold before you pour in the jello. It will make for easy unmolding!

My mother doesn't like this method because of the slight oil film. She prefers to use the hot water method of letting it sit in a hot water bath for several minutes. I can't get this method to always work for me, so I just use a paper towel and blot the unmolded jello. Although when I don't, I can't always tell the slight film is there.


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