TIP #41: How to get those grease stains out of clothes

As long as your item of clothing is washable this should work.

I'm always in the kitchen and dropping or spilling things that always end up more on my clothes than they do on the floor or cabinet. The day after I'd made the shrimp po boys for dinner, I went outside to dump the oil from the deep fryer and since I was in a hurry and not paying enough attention, I spilled some on my favorite exercise pants.

I immediately put stain remover on them and washed a load of laundry then dried them. Disappointed is what I was when I went to fold them! It was still there.

I remembered reading about cleaning up oil spills in the ocean or on highways with the help of Dawn and the Dawn commercials about helping animals & birds by stripping the oil off them with Dawn.

I poured some Dawn onto the grease stain.

Rub it in. Let it sit for a few minutes. Then with a load of laundry I put it on a normal cycle with an extra soak. Then checked it after. It was gone! So I dried it normally and VOILA! Well, it's better than it was! I think I'll wash it again the same way to see if I can get it out even more...

I'm SO happy!


Baxter said...

I love the pictures you include as a "step by step"! I have a green shirt I need to give it a try on. Thanks :)

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