ONLY spent 50 cents...on making a children's apron out of a woman's dress shirt

Yes, you read that right, only 50 cents!

We've been invited to several birthday parties this weekend and one of them is a little girl. Gosh, with all these birthday's we'll be broke. I knew I needed to make something really cool but with things I already had. But what?

I'd seen that a friend of mine that made an apron out of her dad's dress shirt ( who'd gotten the idea from so I thought why not make a little girl's apron out of a woman's dress shirt?!

I went to our local thrift store and bought a woman's cotton dress shirt for $0.50. I already had the contrasting thread and 4' of 2" fabric remnants for the rosette. Oh, and it only took me 1 1/2 hours to cut out, take pictures and make!

Pick out a shirt
 Fold it in half
 Cut it out
 Turn it over & cut a straight line up the back
 Then cut around the shoulders to make a halter
Fold it in half 
 Cut the back out
 Cut where you need for the waist
 Take the sleeves
 Cut them to make pockets
Turn inside out and sew bottom
 This forms pockets
 Lay the pocket where you want on the front part of the soon to be apron
 Pin into place
 Sew outside line of pocket to the apron

 Take ribbon or other that will be the waist tie, make a hem with the ribbon and iron then pin in place
 Sew a double stitch on hem
Then hem all the way around to finish the apron.

I watched this video on how to make fabric rosettes:

 Take 4' of 2" remnant fabric, sew sections if needed.
 Continue wrapping and twisting every inch or so. Sew a quick stitch every once in a while to keep everything in place.
 Cut ends where needed.
 Sew large stitches to keep in place.
When you're finished with the rosette, hand sew it onto the apron in the place you want it to be.


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