My Journey through Cooking

I was frustrating myself because I'd be trying to think all day what to make and I'd give myself excuses like I don't want to go to the store, I don't have those ingredients, nothing sounds good, I can't think, etc. So there'd be "fend for yourself nights" where I'd go without eating and Ryan & Canaan would have cereal or other. For a few weeks, I knew I wasn't being the wife I needed to be, to provide nurishment for our family, a hospitable home where we flurished. To get me out of that funk, I've decided to plan out meals for at least a couple of months to help save money by not waisting food and letting it go bad. Also in planning our dinners, only making enough for the 3 of us or more when we have company. I also believe it will help me and posting recipes, methods, etc. for you on this blog. So far I have 1 1/2 months planned out.

02/08/11 - I now have until April 15th planned out.


Stephanie Pafford said...

I have made menus for a few weeks at a time for quite a few years and it saves so much time and money. Sometimes, I double meals to have leftovers (so I have a day off of cooking) or to put one in the freezer for a busy day or to give to someone in need.
Also, a few years ago, I started putting my leftover veggies (not enough for another meal) into a baggie and keeping it in the freezer. When it starts filling up, I use them in a pot pie or soup.
Also, when you brown hamburger, put a few tablespoons in a bag and freeze, then after before long, you have a "free" meat for tacos or spaghetti...
Just some thoughts.

Kimber said...

Great ideas, Steph!!

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