My plans may change and that's's our dinner schedule

Now I know these plans of mine may change due to weather, availability of ingredients, illness, travel, etc. but I can always reschedule it for a later date.

PS if you have any recipes you want me to add to our list, please feel free to send them my way! Thanks!

Sunday, Feb 6 - Taco Salad & cake with Seafoam frosting
Last night - Eggs, bacon & gluten free biscuits & Banana Cream Pie
Tonight - Shrimp Po Boys & cole slaw
Tomorrow - Steaks & steamed broccoli
Thursday, Feb 10 - Baked Fish & veges & Banana Split Salad
Friday - Homemade pizza
Saturday - Ratatouille & rice & Red Raspberry Pie

Sunday, Feb 13 - Roast, potatoes, carrots, homemade bread & homemade donuts
Monday - Stir fry & rice with beef & veges
Tuesday - Chicken fried stead with pureed cauliflower & steamed broccoli & Texas Pie
Wednesday - Shrimp gumbo & homemade bread
Thursday - Pork chops, collard greens & creamed corn
Friday - Steak fajita soup, tortillas & Caramelized plantains
Saturday - Meatballs & spaghetti

Sunday, Feb 20 - Tuna burgers & London Cake
Monday - stuffed cabbage & honey challah bread
Tuesday - BBQ ribs & mashed potatoes
Wednesday - Hobo Supper
Thursday - Quiche Lorraine
Friday - Enchiladas & Spanish Hot Chocolate
Saturday - Cauliflower soup & homemade bread

Sunday, Feb 27 - Swiss Veal & creamed spinach
Monday - Mexican stew
Tuesday, March 1 - Indian pulled pork with mango BBQ sandwiches (Aarti's recipe) & steamed veges
Wednesday - Boeuf Stroganov
Thursday - Moussaka & honeyed yogurt with walnuts
Friday (Ryan's bday)- Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, collard or turnip greens, cream corn
Saturday - Sloppy Joes & Milky Way Cake

Sunday, March 6 - Mille Feville
Monday - Hot & Sour Soup, Vegetable egg rolls
Tuesday - Red chili beef enchiladas & caramels
Wednesday - New Mexican Posole
Thursday - Indian Fry Bread Tacos with beans, taco meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese
Friday -  Zucchini Soup
Saturday - Fajitas with Spanish rice & beans

Sunday, March 13 - Mullets with herbs & eggplant gratin
Monday - Taquitos & homemade salsa
Tuesday - Lobster Bisque & Apricot sherbet
Wednesday - Mexican Egg Salad Sandwiches on homemade bread
Thursday - Tuna Costes & zucchini tian
Friday - Huevos Rancharos with homemade tortillas
Saturday - Zucchini Pizza

Sunday, March 20 - Proscuitto & mozzarella Quesadillas
Monday - Brazilian Black Beans & Farofa (recipe from friends in Brazil)
Tuesday - Sardines stuffed with pine nuts & spinach tain, tomatoes with goat cheese
Wednesday - Mexican quiche
Thursday - Brazilian hot dogs
Friday - Frog legs & fried okra
Saturday - HOUSTON

Sunday, March 27 - HOUSTON
Monday - HOUSTON
Tuesday - HOUSTON
Wednesday - HOUSTON
Thursday - HOUSTON
Friday, April 1 (Canaan's bday) - Chocolate bday cake with chocolate icing (Go out to eat?)
Saturday - Mexican Pie

Sunday, April 3 - homemade pesto & pasta
Monday - Cuttlefish with spinach & cream scones
Tuesday - Mexican casserole
Wednesday - Migas (my fave) & tortillas
Thursday - Salmon in an eggplant robe & tomato coulis
Friday - Spring Rolls with dipping sauces
Saturday - Grilled mahi tacos

Sunday, April 10 - Brisket sandwiches & cole slaw
Monday - Thai shrimp & rice soup & orange semifreddo
Tuesday - Spinach Ricotta Pie
Wednesday -  Antipasta Pizza
Thursday -  Tofu stir fry
Friday - (make up?)
Saturday - (make up?)

Also I have other meals scheduled scattered throughout the summer and fall for things that are specifically in season.


Amber said...

This is amazing! I feel like I'm doing good if I can plan 1 week at a time.

Ann said...

You are amazing Kimber! I use to plan out 4 weeks, but not with this detail. I can tell you really enjoy it. I may have some recipes for you to post and try.

Do you want to come to a Pampered Chef party I am hosting at my house on the 24th? You might enjoy it!


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