You can buy anything at a dollar store but I find sometimes that you really get what you pay for. At other times I'm shocked at how good the quality of it is and that this is really only a dollar!

No one is paying me to write this. This is all me and my experience. I was able to make almost all of our Christmas presents this year for just under $200 for 38 people and my local Dollar tree helped make that happen.

             Name brand dish soap            Name brand dryer sheets        Name brand fabric softeners

Name Brand anti-bacterial & other cleaners

 Surprisingly the pregnancy tests are great & the acne face scrubs, 
cleansers & masks are just as good as the name brand. 

 Pocket name brand tissues.

 Allergy, flu, Ibprophin & other Rx I've found are just as good as the name brand.

 Name brand toothpaste, toothbrushes (for kids too!), floss, etc. Love the children's shampoo & body washes as I find that my kids go through them quickly...toothpaste too. 

Name brand soaps & DT's brand of hand sanitizers.

Foil pans, party items and name brand batteries. 

Multi pack thank you cards and party invitations, greeting cards are 50¢ each, 
gift bags are 2/$1 or 3/$1. 
Clear goods for parties and events. I love the small silver spoons & forks for high tea parties.
Brand name bags.

Office supplies, especially the paper pads - hors d'oeuvre sticks - name brand spoons (I usually send these in my kid's lunch to school so that if I don't get it back, oh well, it's only 4¢ each since there are 24 in a package.)

Pill boxes are not only great for Rx at home and traveling but also for small crafts supplies.

 Flashlights are great, especially for kids. 

MANY name brand food items that are cheaper than at the regular grocery store:

Kids books - coloring & educational.

There are many, many other things I've bought or would recommend here but these are just some that I saw at the store today. I also saw Pace Picante, Gatorade and much more that I didn't get photos of. 


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