Artichokes - November to June
Asparagus - March to November
Lima Beans - July to October
Green Beans - April to October
Beets - June to September
Broccoli - November to June
Brussel Sprouts - September to April
Cabbage - all year
Carrots - all year
Cauliflower - June to December
Celery - all year
Green Chili - August to September
Corn - July to September
Cucumbers - October - February
Eggplant - August to September
Greens - Vary
(kale, mustard, spinach, turnip, collards, chard, beet, etc.)
Kohlrabi - July to September
Lettuce - all year
Mushrooms - all year
Okra - August to October
Onions - all year
Green onions - December to August
Leeks - all year
Garlic - all year
Chives - all year
Shallots - all year
Parsnips - September to May
Peas - all year
Green peppers - all year
Potatoes - all year
Sweet potatoes - July to April
Pumpkin - September to March
Radishes - all year
Endive, Escarole, Parsley, Romaine, Watercress - all year
Summer Squash - July to September
Fall/Winter Squash - September to March
Tomatoes - all year
Turnips - all year
Rutabaga - all year


  Baldwin - November to April
  Delicious - October to February
  Duchess - July to October
  Golden - October to January
  Gravenstein - July to September
  Grimes - October to January
  Hubbardston - October to January
  Jonathan - September to December
  McIntosh - October to January
  Northern Spy - October to March
  Rhode Island Greening - October to March
  Rome Beauty - November to May
  Spitzenberg - October to February
  Tompkins - November to February
  Wagener - November to January
  Winesap - November to June
  Yellow Newton - January to May
  Yellow Transparent - July to August
Apricots - May to August
Avocados - October to February
Bananas - all year
Berries - June to August
(blackberries, blueberries, boysenberries, dewberries, gooseberries, huckleberries, loganberries, raspberries, youngberries)
Cranberries - October to February
Strawberries - May to June
Cherries - May to August
Currants - June to July
Dates - August to December
Figs - June to August
Grapefruit - September to May (My grandfather always said they were the best in January)
Grapes - (western) June to December, (eastern) September to October
Kumquats - December to January
Lemons - all year
Limes - June to August
Watermelon - May to October
Cantaloupe - April to October
Honey Dew - June to July
Oranges - all year
Tangerines - November to May
Nectarines - May to October
Peaches - May to October
  Bartlett - July to October
  Bosc - September to January
  Comice - October to February
  Anjou - October to April
  Nelis - January to June
Persimmons - October to February
Pineapples - March to June
Plums - May to November
Pomegranites - September to November
Quinces - September to November
Rhubarb - May to August


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