Make HOMEMADE BUTTER with the kids

Allow your child to help measure 1 C heavy cream and pour into a jar or Tupperware container that holds at least 24 oz. Put on the lid and make sure it's tight.

Take turns with your kid(s) shaking the jar and rolling it around on the floor. After 2 o 3 minutes, the heavy cream will turn into whipped cream. Let the jar and your arms rest for about 10 minutes as the cream deflates.

Shake for another minute or more until it separates. 
Strain any excess buttermilk and get the bread ready!

Scrape it out and form it onto a butter plate.
It may not be much, but the kids will have fun and be proud of what they made.
It's also a great "science experiment" to teach your kids in cooking.

TIP: My friend Mindie D. in Michigan says that placing a cleaned marble in the jar will speed up the process.
Thanks, Mindie for the great tip!


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