WORLD TRAVELER GIFT IDEA for Christmas or Birthday

Christmas is coming! I'm always looking for gift ideas that is personal and made especially just for that person. There are certain people in my life that are the hardest people to buy for or make things for because they seem to buy whatever they need...DADDY! 

When I was a young professional after college, I had this great idea for my dad for Christmas. This would be a very cheap and great gift idea for the world travelers in your family, maybe even the wishful wannabe world travelers. 

You can wrap up a world map, a vintage one from a thrift store or a new one, along with a box of pins that they can mount on their own or even on their wall. Or you can mount it for them on foam core in any color by itself or in a shadow box along with a box of pins. 

Think about the wrapping too. You might consider wrapping it all up in a map bought at your local thrift store & twine. I've seem maps as low as 10 cents each at thrift stores!

Allowing them to pin where they've been, is part of their own fun, getting to reminisce on their past travels. 

Don't be surprised if they start pulling out all their traveling photos or their traveling stories.

By the way, Daddy, you really need to update your map! You've been to a lot more places in the past decade.


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