Growing up, I watched my mother do this similar process with large watermelons to serve fruit salad, etc. at weddings and other catering functions. She's a master and I'm an amateur...

Wash the watermelon.

Pat it dry.

You'll need a large knife, a paring knife, a metal spoon and if you desire, a melon baller.

Slice off a very small end of the watermelon. This is your base.

Now cut off the other side where you want the opening of the bowl to be. OR you can also make a basket handle, if you desire.

With a paring knife, scoring a shallow cut about an inch from the edge . This will help you peel off the green part to make the decorative edge of the bowl.

With the same paring knife, cut away the green rind down to your shallow score line.

Use a melon baller, knife or metal spoon to scoop out the watermelon. Place in another bowl and set aside. 

Smooth out the interior of the watermelon bowl. I used a metal spoon. 

Using your paring knife again, cut and form a design. Scallops, pointed "teeth", etc. 

Transfer to a plate or tray and fill with the watermelon bowl with the watermelon balls or slices. 

TIP: If this is for Halloween or for a birthday party, you can make this into a shark or other using the pointed "teeth"  design as the teeth. 


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