How to make your own PREGNANCY BELLY CAST at home

"This is tacky but a cool tacky." - Ryan

at least 25 ft plaster of paris bandage/gauze - more would be better especially for reinforcing
(I bought it on Ebay)
disposable gloves
tarp, trash bags or old towels/sheet
plastic wrap
petroleum jelly
sand paper (optional)

Be prepared to do this between 32 - 36 weeks of pregnancy.

I found that if you don't have any help or you'd rather do this as a solo project, it's best to do it in the bathroom with a full length mirror.

Lay down a tarp, trash bags or old towels/sheet on the floor and over the chair (or toilet) as to not get any of the plaster drippings on your floor or furniture. 

Use a plastic covered plate or disposable plate to put 6" strips of the plaster of paris gauze on to. Precut the gauze with scissors before you start. Have a variety of sizes to work from.

Cover a large bowl in plastic wrap as well so that the plaster won't stick to it. Fill the bowl with warm water.

Place the plate & bowl on a plastic covered table or side of tub.

Go to the restroom before you start this!

Get naked or wherever you're covered like a bra/panties, completely wrap them in plastic wrap. 

Cover your entire chest, arms, belly, legs, etc. with a thick coat of petroleum jelly (or other such petroleum product). This way the plaster won't adhere to your skin. If you don't, you'll be sorry!

Wash your hands, then put on the gloves.

Take a strip of plaster of paris gauze and dip it into the water making sure the whole strip gets wet. You may have to untwist/uncurl it. 

Carefully place the strip onto your body to form the cast and smooth it out with your fingers. 

Repeat, overlapping the pieces. 
Form the cast then come back with extra pieces to reinforce the cast and make it stronger. 

Be as still as you can for 15-30 minutes. 

The cast will pull away from the mother's body as it dries.
Wiggle out of the cast. It should give way easily due to the petroleum jelly.

Carefully put it down on plastic on the floor to dry for at least a week.

I'm glad I did it in the bathroom so that I could quickly jump into the shower.

When the cast is completely dry, sand it down gently, then paint it with Gesso to seal and smooth the surface. Allow it to dry again. Repeat painting with Gesso several times to make it stronger.

Now the cast is ready to paint, bead, add a tutu, etc. 

Make sure that you sign and date the back, include the pregnancy week and the name of the child (if you plan on doing this for your other pregnancies). 


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I've seen this floating around before and I love the idea! ^^ The little addition of clothing/other art is really creative!

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