WHAT WE'RE PACKING? A list of what to pack for women going on a tropical vacation to an all inclusive resort

My husband & I left the kids with my mother and took off to a 
all-inclusive resort in Mexico with our dear friends.

Once I got there, I realized how much I'd packed. 
I do not know what I was thinking.
 I'm keeping this log to remind me for next time.

I brought:

1 large carry on
1 large beach bag
2 cross body purses
2 checked suitcases
8 Southwest Airlines drink coupons
$70 in $1s for tips
$70 for airport to hotel transfer
$260 extra
12 shirts/tunics
12 pants/leggings
7 swimsuit cover ups
4 swimsuits
3 dresses
4 pair shoes
10 pairs panties
4 bras
body wash
bath salts
razor with 4 blades
8 extra ziplocs
...along with a myriad of other things

Next time for an all-inclusive tropical resort for 5 nights, I'm going to bring:

1 checked suitcase
1 small - medium carry on
1 small beach bag
1 cross body purse
$ for airport food and gifts
$15-20 in $1s for tips, optional
$ for airport to hotel transfer, if needed
2-4 Southwest Airlines drink coupons, if flying SW & you want to get your party started
1 bra
2 dresses
3 swimsuits
5 shirts/tunics
6 pairs panties
4 pants/leggings
phone with camera
sunglasses with case
make-up and creams
2-3 sandals/flip-flops
3 swimsuit cover ups
2 bottles sunscreen each
razor with 1 extra blade
toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
1 small bottle bug spray or bug bands
Pepto, pain reliever, anti-diarrhea, band-aids & other Rx you need
Body Glide - will save your thighs from "Six Flags Rash" & feet from walking blisters
1-2 books, optional
snorkelgear, optional
1 ziploc bag for seashells, optional
1 bottle aloe vera or cactus juice, optional
underwater camera or underwater case for phone, optional


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