My dad gave me all his old silk ties he wasn't wearing anymore. I've been trying to think what I was going to do with them and yesterday morning, I had a great idea...for at least a few of them.

Lay out your tie. Start pleating/folding it in areas that's pleasing to your eye using straight pins to hold it. Keep in mind you'll need it to slip over and off your head.

Hand stitching: Turn the tie over and tack down the folds from the back side of tie.

Machine stitching: Stitch the pleats into place, as I did.

Decide where or even if you need to cut off the tie at the smallest side.
I had to cut off about 6". Turn the end under a couple of times and stitch.
Then decide where to place it to the large part of the tie and pin it. Using a needle and thread, tack it down being careful not to go all the way through to the front of the tie. Finally, tack on your vintage button or other embellishment(s). 


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